David Shevick, L.Ac.

David Shevick, Restore Vitality Acupuncture Marin

My father was a cardiologist and my mother a nurse, and I was exposed to good ideas on health from an early age; we very rarely had sugar, and my parents encouraged their friends to breast feed.  Nixon visited China when I was 13, and acupuncture charts were everywhere.  When I first looked at the acupuncture chart, I knew that was how the body worked.  I was always had a reverence for Eastern traditions of Taoism and Confucianism

My father passed away from cancer when I was 18.  It was my first intimate experience with disease and death.  I studied engineering and worked in the renewable and energy efficiency fields for 20 years, but on a deep level I knew I needed to explore healing and illness.  Divorce and a mold exposure weakened my excellent health and set me upon my healing journey, during which I have had many wonderful teachers and healer of many modalities.

My adventure to heal myself with Chinese herbs and acupuncture brought me to the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, where I earned my Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  After graduating I apprenticed with two master practitioners and attended numerous seminars.  I have finally settled on Master Tung acupuncture as my primary modality because it strongly affects the deepest energy of the body.  The results of this style are quick and lasting.

I bring a depth of experience and openness to my practice and create a sacred space for your healing experience.  We both learn to listen to what your body needs.