“David has been treating me for about 4 months now and he is one of the best.  I’ve been getting acupuncture treatments for 20+ years from different acupuncturists in various places.  He’s kind, compassionate and easy to talk to and has enhanced my health in many ways.” ~Mari

“David saved me from having to go to the emergency room. I was so dehydrated from an intestinal bug and nothing had worked to get better. With one acupuncture treatment and herbs my symptoms stopped in 24 hours and I was able to rehydrate. Thank you! ” ~Gina

“One of the best acupuncture treatments I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. I will definitely be going back for many more treatments.” ~Duane

“I really appreciate David’s caring, compassionate and generous spirit.  He has a way of making his clients feel very comfortable and cared for.  I like that he is so open to continue his ongoing learning from different acupuncturist and working it with his incredible intuitiveness.  He has a way of tuning into what is happening with his clients emotionally and psychologically, even if I am just going for physical health.  He treats the whole person, body-mind-spirit.  He has helped me a great deal with my insomnia.  I highly recommend David.” ~Elsa N.

“I met David 2 years ago.  The first thing I noticed was how extremely comfortable I felt in working with him and his open minded – intuitive approach to healing.  I’m not a fan of needles but I know acupuncture works quickly and deeply for whatever ails you.  His compassionate approach and vast knowledge helped me really address my health concerns.  I’ve had other acupuncture treatments which have worked but David really takes the time to zero in on how you are registering emotionally also.  I prefer the body-mind approach to all healing and David is very genuine and definitely a gifted practitioner in the realms of wellness.” ~ Dee H.

“David fixed my back pain that I had for long time. I tried several different types of treatments from other practitioners, but the pain always returned. Now after his acupuncture treatment my back pain finally is gone.  I recommend David.” ~Martha D.